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Garden Care: It Is Not As Difficult As You Think!


Gardening is not a daunting challenge. The youth and especially the millennial generation have been relatively distanced from soil, flowers, plants and even vegetables. You would be amazed to know how many people don’t know some of the most common flowers when they see them. It is true that gardening requires effort but not too…

How to Protect Your Trees from Dangerous Bugs


There are more than three dozen really harmful insects or bugs that you must protect your garden from. These bugs can be broadly classified as chewing insects, boring insects and sucking insects. To give you an idea, here are the most dangerous bugs for your garden: American Oil Beetle, Aphids, Asian Multicolored Lady Beetle, Assassin…

7 Big Mistakes You Are Probably Making with Your Garden


Planting and managing a garden is not rocket science, yet many people go about tending to their gardens oblivious of the mistakes they are making. Below is a set of mistakes that are commonly made by gardeners globally. Preparation of Beds In gardening, beds are the plot of land that you plant seeds and seedlings…

10 Ways to Revamp Your Garden


When done right, you can extend the cozy feel of your home into the garden. Unfortunately, busy schedules leave us tired and out of psyche to tend to the gardens. The following tips will help to revamp your garden in a short period. Plant Flowers Flowers ultimately change the appearance of your garden, and it…