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Make Your Garden Decor Pop with Laser Engraving

garden sign

Laser engraving is a trendy method of personalizing, marking, etching, and cutting on almost any material, including metal, wood, acrylic, stone, ceramic, plastic, and glass to name a few. You might be surprised to know that laser engraving has become popular in the gardening arena. Whether people have it done at a laser engraving business,…

Organic Gardening – It’s Good for Your Health!

organic gardening

Any gardener will tell you that gardening is a wonderful and satisfying hobby. What may surprise you is that gardening is also a healthy pastime, and studies show that your stress levels and blood pressure can be lower, and your chances of depression smaller if you potter about a garden regularly. You can actually feel…

7 Landscape Design Ideas to Use Next Year

7 Landscape Design Ideas

Every home deserves a beautifully landscaped yard. It doesn’t matter what kind of climate or dirt you’re working with, there’s always something you can do to improve. Here’s a few landscape design ideas to get you outside and working hard once the weather turns nicer! Western Cottage This design is wonderful for those in the western…

The 10 Most Misunderstood Facts About Gardens!


Gardens are always alluring, provided they sport fully blossomed and healthy flowers, exude an aura of fragrance and contribute to the serenity of the setting. Gardens with no flowers or unhealthy plants will look dull. They would certainly be uninviting. For captivating gardens, you need to understand the subtle art and the entire gamut of…

The Anatomy of a Great Backyard


There is no universally accepted standard defining a great backyard. You can opt for any feature or amenity that you desire. Where you live, the size of your backyard, the weather and many such specifics will influence your wishes and will perhaps limit your options in some ways. Considering the diverse factors that will come…

How to Use Bugs to Keep your Garden Healthy


Extract organic matter from the soil and all you would have is dust and dirt. You may have some moisture but that would not be enough to harbor growth. You can grow any plant, certainly not the ones that you want in your garden, without organic matter in the soil. Soil has trillions of microorganisms.…