4 Functional and Beautiful Types of Garden Décor

Decorating your garden with the correct choice of garden décor can change an average garden into a fabulous one. There are many garden accents available online today, and rather than just clutter their yard or garden up with disconnected ‘ornaments’, many decide to use a theme.

Whether that is an oriental theme, a natural one or you have had your children in mind, when decorating your garden you may wish to include a number of functional items. Items such as garden stools, clocks, thermometers, plant stands and composters might appear mundane, but they can also make a significant contribution to your garden décor. Here are some items that would not be out of place in any garden, irrespective of what other garden accents have been used.

1. Garden Stools

Garden stools are regarded by many as being a necessity rather than an item of garden décor. There is a wide range of stools available online that can be used in your garden, such as an oriental garden stool in a classical Chinese style blue and white ceramic. This brings an elegance and sense of peacefulness to your garden, and is also functional, offering quite repose after a tiring period of weeding or planting.

Another is a 16 x 20 inch stool in an intricate rope design that would also make a perfect side table for a garden lunch. It could also be used as an interesting decorative accent in your garden, while also being eminently suitable for indoor use. If you are more contemporary, you have a choice between a number of different upright stools, although a particularly beautiful example is a cylindrical 13 inch stool in matt and gloss glazes in two different colors.

Each of these options is worthy of any garden, irrespective of any pre-existing garden décor or new garden accents being applied. Decorating your garden is more than just choosing a theme, but also involves selecting good quality beautiful items that will last, irrespective of climatic conditions.

2. Clocks and Thermometers

Garden clocks and thermometers add a touch of class to any garden, and can turn an ordinary backyard into something special. Of particular interest to many is a clock and thermometer combination, with the clock face above the dial thermometer. This is available online in three colors, and would look great in any garden with or without themed garden accents.

A sun face clock is one with the sun’s face in the center and an outside ring of Roman numerals, with hour and minute hands. Others also show the seasons, or have dials based upon a nature or sporting theme. The golf garden clock, for example, would be the ideal gift for a golfer who is also a keen gardener.

Individual thermometers are generally available as garden décor using the same face designs as the clocks, and are fully functional and accurate. Garden accents such as these are not toys or merely decorative, but are accurate instruments of time and temperature that you can use when decorating your garden in any style of your choosing.

3. Plant Stands as Garden Décor

Plant stands are naturally functional, but can also be very decorative, and when decorating your garden you should take time to check up on what is available online. The two main attributes of a good plant stand is that it should be stable and durable under any weather conditions.

One generic example is the stable metal pedestal with four solid metal legs. These can be decorated in a number of ways and come in a variety of sizes, and one excellent example is available as set of three sizes, with the sturdy top being inlaid with ceramics. Another set of three, ranging in height from 18 inches to 24 inches, has elegant curved metal legs with a top painted with birds covered over with glass. The top is bounded by a scrolled raised wall, and this plant stand is more suitable for a patio than in the garden itself.

4. Composters

Composters are an essential part of any working garden, although it is often difficult to regard them as garden accents or items of garden décor! When decorating your garden you do not think first of your designer composter!

Nevertheless, they do convert kitchen waste into rich compost that will help to condition your soil and provide essential nutrients to your growing plants. Composters are also very green and eco-friendly, and having one situated prominently in your garden lets people know that you are playing your part in saving the planet for future generations.

You can choose between several different composter designs available online, though with respect to color, most are either black or green.

The garden décor you select can easily be augmented with these functional items, particularly if you check online for good designs that will fit in with just about any way you choose when decorating your garden. These types of garden accents will give your garden more of a functional than a purely display look, and inform visitors that while you take pride in your garden décor, that does not over-ride the primary function of a garden.

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