The Top 6 Vertical Farming Companies

Whether you’re into fruits, vegetables, or marijuana, vertical farming can help!

This system of growing plants presumes layers upon layers of vertically stacked plants. As such, it is one of the best methods for saving space. If you’re an urban farmer, you should definitely consider something like that as it can significantly improve your efficiency.

The increased popularity of vertical farming has also led to an increase in vertical farming companies.

So, what makes it so special?

As more and more people are living in big cities, small villages are dying out. While it is something that can be highly lucrative, fewer people are opting to become farmers. One of the best solutions to this issue is urban farming.

Urban farmers are able to deliver produce with lower transportation costs. At the same time, these plants will be much fresher. Vertical farming has shown amazing results, especially when it comes to marijuana growing.

Given that this plant requires a lot of space, you are able to eliminate the main issue by simply going with a vertical system.

Crucial Technologies for Vertical Farming

Vertical farming seems like an easy idea that could’ve been implemented way sooner. However, due to technological limitations, it became viable only recently.

Nowadays, it is rather easy to go with such a concept. Here are some of the technologies that are making it possible:

  • Artificial intelligence helps systems manage themselves and regulate processes without human involvement
  • With perception technologies, you can monitor the plant’s health and color
  • Automated mechatronics make sure that only suitable plants are sent to the market. They also make sure that proper medicines are applied if needed

Just by relying on these 3 technologies, you can grow plants with minimal involvement.

Not only does this make urban farming and farming, in general, more viable, but it allows young marijuana producers to start the business with limited experience.

Top 6 Vertical Farming Companies

The number of vertical farming companies is rising with each passing year. This industry is sophisticated, relying on some really crafty technological solutions.

In fact, we have seen a steady increase in the number of these companies, and if we were to trust the numbers, they would continue rising in the following decades.

  1. GP Solutions

GP Solution stands for Grow Pods. As the name indicates, the company makes small grow pods that are ideal for urban farming. Among others, people can use them for cannabis.

  1. Bowery Farming

While genetically modified organisms are often shunned within the farming community, there are situations when they are more than acceptable. However, Bowery Farming stands firm in its decision not to use pesticides and GMO seeds. Because of this, the company has a unique advantage over some other organizations that are relying on it. They supply numerous restaurants and shops in the US. According to the company, they can provide efficient solutions. For example, they can reduce water usage by 95% while being 100% productive.

  1. Plenty

Like with Bowery farming, Plenty is retailing its produce all over the country. They are dealing with various plants. Within this particular niche, it is regarded as one of the most efficient organizations in terms of funds collected on the open market.

  1. Aerofarms

As you can presume, based on its name, Aerofarms are dealing with aeroponics technology. They also focus on sustainable, eco-friendly farming while leaving a minimal environmental impact. By relying on high technology, they are able to grow a plant in a mist (aeroponics presumes creation of water clouds that nurture the plants).

  1. Brightfarms

Since its inception, this company managed to accumulate $112 million in various investments. This helped them rise as one of the industry’s leaders. Brightfarms focus on hydroponics as the main way of growing their plants.

  1. Iron Ox

Iron Ox is more than a suitable name for this company. It relies on robotics and other sophisticated methods to grow their plants. According to its representatives, they can grow plants by completely relying on autonomous processes. Also, they use hydroponics as the main method. Although regarded as one of the biggest organizations within this niche, it only recently started with retail.


Vertical farming is one of the main agricultural concepts. As the global population continues to increase, we are more and more reliant on solutions such as this.

There are obvious advantages to it, especially when it comes to urban farming.

These 6 companies can be regarded as some of the top organizations within the niche; they will be carrying the torch for farmers all over the US in the years to come.

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