How to Grow and Care for a Loquat Tree

The loquat tree grows very easily but it is very important to know when to plant loquat so that the tree develops as soon as possible.

If the tree is not planted on a suitable date we could be slowing its growth and we could even lose part of the harvest because we do not have the tree at 100% on the flowering dates.

How to Care for Your Loquat tree

Having any type of plant at home entails the responsibility of taking care of it, that is why before I start talking about the main topic of the publication (when planting a loquat tree), I will leave you a brief list of the basic care of a tree of loquat tree.

  • Location: The Loquat is a tree that does not need large space, because it is medium in size, it grows around 4 meters. (10 feet), with rounded cup and short trunk, belongs to perennials. As you can see it can adapt well in small gardens.
  • Temperature: While the loquat is a plant quite resistant to cold, if you want to grow commercially, you must do it in hot climates and with average temperatures of 15ºC. If it suffers heat or sun shock, strong frosts or continuous winds, the fruit loses quality and even the tree can be seriously damaged
  • Watering: Although the loquat is a tree that does not need special irrigation, if there is a shortage of rain you should water it frequently, especially at the time when the flowers sprout and the fruit is developing. If the plant suffers drought, the flower will fall, the fruit will wrinkle and lose quality and flavor.
  • Pruning: As with any type of fruit tree to keep it in good condition you need to prune it, consult this detailed guide on pruning of loquat tree in case you need it.
  • Fertilization: You must fertilize this tree in each of its growth phases. Choose a fertilizer rich in potassium and phosphorus, since by having superficial roots, the loquat does not reach depth and we must help you achieve these and other nutrients. The nitrogen supply is applied during fruit growth and after harvesting.

When to Plant a Loquat Tree

As we have commented, in order to obtain a loquat that grows properly, the dates should be chosen as well as possible.

For sowing the seed it is advised that it germinates in spring, if it is done in a pot it can be transplanted in autumn, when the sun no longer shines so much.

If your idea is to make a graft, you should also do it on late summer and early fall.

The graft does not work well with the loquat for not saying that it is better not try, you can find out more online. However, they advise making grafts, which to do this you will need to have a little more technical knowledge of how to perform this action.

Loquat grafts are usually made at different times of the year depending on the technique that is applied.

How to Sow Loquat Seeds

An option to get a loquat tree is to have the seeds prepared and put them to germinate. This is the easiest option but also the one that carries the most risk since a beautiful tree may grow but not bear fruit.

We will eat several loquat fruits freshly picked from the tree and extract the seeds. Something we must keep in mind is that loquat seeds work better while fresher. And we will soak them in a cotton or if you prefer you can put them directly in a pot.

We recommend doing so to better control the seeds we have planted and see which one develops best.

Germination usually lasts between 3 and 4 weeks, if in your case it is lasting longer it is very likely either the seed was of poor quality or there has been some error during the process.

We will perform this procedure in spring, which is when the loquat has its fruits and falls to the ground. If you are out of season, you can look at the loquat that you have put your eye on and see if it has small loquat plants at its base. If so, you can take advantage of it and take it out with a shovel. And sow it where you want it most.

When to Make a Loquat Graft

This technique is more complex and will require more technical knowledge to carry it out. The best time to perform a loquat graft will depend on the technique to be performed.

  • Gusset graft: Between July and September
  • Wedge graft: from February to April or from August to October
  • Graft by yolk: Between July and August
  • Graft in crown: it takes place between March and May

We hope this article has been of your use, and at the moment you want to plant a loquat tree you know when to do it, and then how to take care of it.

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  1. I’d never considered growing a loquat tree before… well to be honest, I didn’t even know it was something you could even grow yourself. I might have to look into it next year, if I can even find somewhere to buy one near me.

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