7 Timeless Landscape Design Ideas

Every home deserves a beautifully landscaped yard. It doesn’t matter what kind of climate or dirt you’re working with, there’s always something you can do to improve. Here’s a few landscape design ideas to get you outside and working hard once the weather turns nicer!

Western Cottage

This design is wonderful for those in the western states who have trouble growing grass. By combining small pebbles and drought-resistant succulents and cacti, you can bring a lot of different colors and shapes into your yard without constant watering.

Modern Chic

Most people love the look of a cottage with a white picket fence. Bring some European fashion to your yard by combining tall, long-lasting perennials towards the house with smaller, bright and compact annuals towards the front. Allow some to fall gracefully over your walkway to complete the look.

Hideaway Cabin

No home in the woods is complete without some landscaping. Make sure yours stands out from the rest with plenty of eye-catching azaleas surrounded by hosta and bleeding hearts. These plants will thrive in the shade around your home and not require as much sun as others.

Trendy Beachfront

If you’re lucky enough to live on the beach you probably already enjoy the ocean as the main focal point in your front. But don’t let that distract you from planting some tall, lush grasses around the house. They’ll provide visual interest and sway beautifully in the ocean breeze.

Modern Low-Maintenance

By combining low-water shrubs like yucca with lowering blooming plants in complementing shades you’ll create an easy to take care of garden that will delight anyone lucky enough to stop by.

Urban Getaway

There probably isn’t a lot of grass in this front yard, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful. Take a page from the western cottage and use a lot of rock or pebbles to help landscape. But instead of using drought-resistant plants you are able to use more traditional plants to fill in and add interest to your front yard. Try guara, which with it’s long stems and flowing leaves will add a lot of visual delight while not requiring a lot of hands-on maintenance.

Serpentine Path

Don’t be afraid to make the walkway one of the main focal points. A serpentine walkway that takes the visitor on a meandering path through beautiful flowers and trees is a delight. Try nestling a bench under a low hanging branch or installing a small pond around a bend. Each little surprise will make the path more enjoyable to walk.

As you can see there are a lot of ways to landscape any yard in any climate. A little hard work pays off in the end as the curb appeal of a well-cared for yard is a wonderful thing when trying to sell or simply enjoying living in your home. Take one of these ideas and apply it to your house, or feel free to combine some of the elements of more than one. Either way you’re sure to enjoy the work put in and the way your yard will look when you’re done.

7 Timeless Landscape Design Ideas - Golly Gee Gardening

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