5 Reasons You Should Try Organic Gardening

Any gardener will tell you that gardening is a wonderful and satisfying hobby. What may surprise you is that gardening is also a healthy pastime, and studies show that your stress levels and blood pressure can be lower, and your chances of depression smaller if you potter about a garden regularly. You can actually feel more relaxed, happier and calm by simply looking at plants or a beautiful garden.

If you choose organic gardening you are doing your part to care for the environment, as well as look after your own health, and it has become increasingly popular. Organic gardening involves the use of naturally sourced products to grow vegetables and fruit.

No Harmful Chemicals

There are no artificial fertilizers or pesticides used in organic gardening, which to most people is its biggest appeal. If you eat the fruit and vegetables you grow, you are also avoiding eating any produce that might have been treated with harmful chemicals during its cultivation.

Organic Gardening Is Interesting!

It can be more rewarding than you might think, using waste from the garden or kitchen to make your compost. Buying chemicals and fertilizers from your local garden store may be easier and quicker but is somehow not as satisfying as making your own.

Looking Out For Future Generations

The risks of having health issues later in life, particularly with cancer, are reduced as children are not ingesting potentially harmful pesticides and other toxins when you go organic.

More Environmentally Friendly

There is less chance of the topsoil being eroded, as there is more organic matter in the soil in an organic garden. The water supply is much cleaner and safer, as there are no pesticides, fertilizers or chemicals being used, and insects, birds and small animals are also less likely to be harmed by toxins in the water they are drinking.

More Economical

If you are on a budget, you will be pleased to learn that organic gardening is a much more economical way of enjoying fruits and vegetables, and in fact, those bought from your local supermarket or health store can sometimes cost up to 50 percent more. Creating your own natural pesticides or fertilizers can also save you a lot over having to purchase these chemicals from your local garden center. Mixing a tablespoonful of liquid dish soap with a cup of cooking oil makes a simple yet effective natural pest spray when the resulting mixture is combined with a quart of water and sprayed on your plants. Alternatively, you can simply use old and stale coffee to make an effective fertilizer to keep harmful pests away from your garden.

5 Reasons You Should Try Organic Gardening - Golly Gee Gardening

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