6 Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

The warmer temperatures of spring and summer are certainly welcome by most of us. It’s a wonderful time for outdoor adventures, family barbecues, and so much more. It is also unfortunately the point in which certain undesirable guests begin to appear.

Yes, we’re talking about mosquitoes. These pests can turn any outdoor gathering into an itchy nightmare. While there are lots of ways to get rid of mosquitoes, adding new plants to your space is one that may not have occurred to you. Yet this is a method that not only beautifies the space, but can minimize the appearance and threat of mosquitoes and more.

Mosquitoes are attracted to warm bodies, sweat, and other components. Certain types of plants can indeed be enormously effective at canceling out the appeal we have. Such plants can also reduce the need for harmful sprays and chemicals.

The Best Plants to Keep Mosquitoes Away

As you can discover with a little research, there are actually quite a few flowers and other plants available that can keep those darn mosquitoes away. We won’t list them all here, but here are seven of our favorites:

  1. Lavender: When it comes to plants that can repel mosquitoes, few are as useful or potent as the lavender plant. In fact, it can keep away other pests, including other insects, and even rabbits. Lavender has the benefit of being able to endure under almost any climate, although it does best in the warmer ones. It is said that the sweet odor of the lavender plant can actually hinder the ability of the mosquito to smell.


  1. Marigolds: This is a remarkably easy flower to grow throughout the year. Beyond adding a nice element of aesthetic charm to your area, you can also use marigolds to keep out mosquitoes, aphids, thrips, and squash bugs.


  1. Bee Balm: You may also know this flower by the more common name of wild bergamot and horsemint. Again, we’re looking at something with benefits beyond keeping mosquitoes away. Bee balm can bring a wide range of essential pollinators to your garden.

Bee Balm

  1. Catnip: This is a plant that does more than just appeal to cats. While the appropriately-named catnip is enormously appealing to felines, it goes beyond that basic benefit. It can also work wonders at keeping mosquitoes from overwhelming your garden or outdoor space. You can thank the chemical known as nepetalactone.


  1. Basil: This is another example of a plant that comes with a plethora of benefits. And when it comes to keeping mosquitoes away, an herb garden really isn’t the worst idea in the world. Not only do you get delicious herbs and spices for a universe of recipes and dishes, but an herb such as basil has been proven to keep mosquitoes from overwhelming the area. The pungent smell of basil can be pleasurable to some. To mosquitoes, it can be decidedly unpleasant, keeping them away.


  1. Rosemary: We close out our list of the best plants to keep mosquitoes away with another example that can be perfect for your herb garden. Rosemary offers a pleasant aroma, combined with a number of attractive benefits. It can also keep away a range of insects, including mosquitoes.



Looking for even more plants to keep away mosquitoes? Check out pennyroyal, scented geraniums, sage, lemongrass, and lemon balm.

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