Why Your Garden is Your Saving Grace During the Pandemic

Everybody is trapped in their homes at the moment, and that has understandably led to mass panic. It’s literally like we’re living in a zombie movie right now!

People are concerned because they’re worried for their at-risk friends and relatives, but they’re also concerned for themselves: concerned that they’re stuck in the house for weeks on end. They can’t work out, they aren’t getting any sunshine, and they’re going completely stir crazy.

But while all this is true, there are ways of coping that can mitigate these problems. If you have a garden for instance, then you have plenty of options!

In this post, we’re going to look at just some of the ways that your garden holds the key to surviving the pandemic, and how you can make sure the make the very most of it!

Social Interaction

Many parts of the world have gone from “social distancing” to total isolation. That means we can’t meet up with friends, even if we aim to stay 2 meters apart. This has left many of us feeling lonely and depressed.

Well then, what better time to get to know the neighbors?

While you should do your best to avoid social contact, there’s no getting away from your neighbors if you’re all spending time in the garden. This gives you more people to chat to, and a sense of community when you’re unable to get it from the outside world. Next time you see them rummaging around out there, why not say hi?

Peace and Calm

If like many people you find yourself filled with dread and anxiety, spending time trapped in the house is only going to exacerbate issues. We evolved to thrive on sunlight and natural scenery, and when we’re cut off from this, it has a number of profound impacts on our health.

Spending time in the garden – especially if it is well maintained – can naturally lower your heartrate and stress levels. Many people find the actual act of gardening to be a great way to take their mind of their troubles too.

Fun and Exercise

If you’re missing those spin classes, or if you’re worried about your children who aren’t getting any activity or stimulation, the garden once again holds some answers.

Exercising outdoors gives you lots of space and plenty of options for training. You could invest in a pull up bar to attach to the side of your home, or a game of swing ball that will let you burn calories in a fun and entertaining way. Or how about a table tennis table?

There are all activities your kids can get involved in too. Though they might prefer a sandpit, a paddling pool, or a small bike to ride around on the patio.

And when the kids have gone to bed, how about a candlelit dinner outside?

While these might all seem like small things, they make a huge difference when you’re trapped inside all day. They’re the ideal antidote to cabin fever, and can help you to stay psychologically and physically healthy during this crisis.

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