Why You Need a Wheelbarrow if You Love Gardening

Why You Need a Wheelbarrow if You Love Gardening

What is a wheelbarrow for anyway?

Wheelbarrows are an old traditional tool for garden work. The typical usage is to load up with various materials to move with less trouble than lifting them up by hand. This can be for removal and placing. This has always been a great tool to have in your garden space, and I highly recommend a wheelbarrow for you, but couldn’t there be plenty of other ways you could use one in your garden? Of course there are. Let’s look at several of them.

Just add water to the mix

One quick way to put your wheelbarrow to use is to combine it with water. Just be sure that your wheelbarrow has been made water tight before actually filling it with water! It could be used to water various animals you might have. It could also serve as a large bird bath for our feathered friends. This simple step can provide a quaint little feature to your garden space.

How does your mobile garden grow?

Most of your garden space will remain in a single space. It’s far too difficult to pick up those plants and move them once they are rooted in the soil, but what if you fill a wheelbarrow full of dirt and add a drainage hole or two? Now you can use that mobile dirt pile as a mobile garden. Plant some flowers and you can take them with you. Put in some tomatoes or cucumbers, and you can take your food with you wherever you want to have it. It may not work the best for everything you wish to plant, but when the weather starts to cool down, you can bring your little garden inside to enjoy all winter long. The best part is that for this job, you don’t need the best wheelbarrow in the world – in fact, using an old rusty one will give your little mobile garden a nice bit of charm.

Garden races

Have you ever had a ride in a wheelbarrow? It can be a bumpy and uncertain ride, but that is all part of the fun. If you can find a friend or two that want to share a ride, then you can take turns pushing each other around. Sure you might fall over from time to time, but the uncertainty is one of my favorite parts of riding around in a wheelbarrow. Set it up as a relay race between teams or just take turns pushing each other around.

Get a workout in the great outdoors

Are you looking for a new workout routine? Load your wheelbarrow full of something heavy and start lifting the handles and pushing your load around the garden. You get to work on your arms, legs, and back all at the same time, but you can also have some motivation to get that garden work done as well. Once you start on one side, the other side will catch up with you.

Wheelbarrows are just great

Wheelbarrows are a great tool for your garden, but also can be used in so many other ways. It even inspired poet William Carlos Williams:

“so much depends
a red wheel
glazed with rain
beside the white

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