Finding the Right Kind of Grass That is Perfect for the Summer

A good lawn can improve the overall appeal of a home and can make your home look like it is surrounded by natural beauty. Lawn management and lawn care is something that is incredibly important and is one of the hardest things that homeowners often have to do themselves. Seeking the help of a professional is always a good option in these instances, especially if you want your home to look well maintained throughout the year.

With summer soon approaching, homeowners have to take on additional tasks just to keep their lawn healthy. The heat and lack of rain can sometimes be damaging to lawns and is something that often leads to drier patches throughout the area. Knowing what needs to be done in different situations is important and is something that every individual who owns a lawn should be aware of.

Using the Right Kind of Grass

One of the first things that you should be aware of is the kind of grass that you need to use. Different types of grass are suited to different kinds of climates, and using the right kind is important if you want a lawn that stays fresh even during the warm summers. However, there are many other factors that also determine just how well the grass will grow, and taking these into account is important.

Tall Fescue is considered to be one of the best choices for those who want a lawn that can withstand the heat and stay healthy throughout. The grass tends to grow to a considerable height, giving homeowners plenty of options with regards to how much of it they want to maintain. In addition, the grass is also known for being incredibly resilient and durable. Because of this, the grass is not just ideal for summers, but also harsher winters and areas that receive little to no rainfall.

Unique Characteristics

You may be wondering what exactly about this kind of grass makes it so special and ideal for summers. There are several facets of this kind of grass that improve its overall appeal for home lawns. To start off, the grass is known to have an incredibly high heat tolerance and is something that stands as a notable choice to withstand higher temperatures. Tall Fescue is considered to be a great choice for those who live in the northern and transition zones and who live in areas that are prone to regular droughts. Sometimes, supplying your lawn with a high amount of water is not feasible, and in these instances, a grass like Tall Fescue may prove to be a good choice.

The growth of this kind of grass is also significantly faster than traditional types of grass. The germination process of this grass happens a lot sooner as compared to faster-growing variations of grass like the Kentucky Bluegrass. The roots of this type of grass also grow deeper into the ground, making it an all around stronger and more resilient fauna to go in for.

Caring for Tall Fescue

If you are on the lookout for a grass type that is low maintenance and which won’t burn a hole through your pocket, Tall Fescue is definitely something that you should consider. Because of the manner in which this grass grows, there is very little need for dethatching. Overseeding is also never really an issue because it can help the lawn look lusher and less clumpy. The only real expenditure that you will have to incur with this type of grass is the initial cost of the fertilizer, which is also not much as compared to what most types of grass usually need.

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