Creating a Butterfly Friendly Garden

Butterflies are nature’s starling wildlife. It’s not a hard task to make a butterfly-friendly environment in your garden. Butterflies provide beauty and colors everywhere. Making a butterfly-friendly garden will lead you to several benefits. Butterflies play a major role to maintain an absolute combination between environment and eco-system. They bring a beautiful sight that everyone from adults to children, can enjoy it. It’s not only about having a beautiful sight, but it also creates a natural habitat that provides butterflies their food and a place to breed. Want to know more about this? Visit

Here are 3 tips to help you create your very own butterfly-friendly garden:

Choose an Appropriate Location

As an initial step, you need to find an appropriate location to attract butterflies. You need to make sure that there must have sunlight at least five hours a day. Avoid areas where there is minimal vegetation or insecticides are often used because the place should provide natural protection and shelter for the wind. If you are looking for natural shelters for butterflies then we must say flat rocks and several plants could be their shelter. They could use flat rocks to take rest and enjoy the sunlight. If there are puddles it could be an ideal place for the butterflies.

Add a Water Source

A handsome amount of water could make in soil minerals and salts which are very important for the butterflies. It ensures the nourishment which helps for reproduction. Have you heard the word “puddling”? Butterflies often gather around those puddles. As you know butterflies always in search of nectar from flowers in the gardens but they do not get enough from them and this is why puddling is important to them. As you know for reproductions male butterflies need nutrients in a huge amount, because of the pass it to their female partners during mate. Female butterflies lose sodium when they lay eggs. So you need to make sure that there are puddles wherever you are planning to start your gardens and especially if you are willing to attract butterflies.

Choose Appropriate Plants

When you decided about the appropriate place for your garden, its time to chose perfect plants that will attract butterflies towards your garden. You need to choose versatile plants instead of the same species. Considering the native area plants and butterflies will give you extra benefits. If you are in search of ideal nectar, you can get much from native area plants which will attract butterflies that are common to that specific region. You also have to keep on your mind that, ensuring food supply plants should be there in your garden also.

There are three main facts that play a major role while you are out to choose plants for your garden; color, fragrance, and shape. As an example butterflies do not get attracted to blooms which are greenish-blue or something in a mixture of green and blue. Talking about colors, butterflies get attracted to orange, red, pink, mauve, lavender and white colors. While choosing plants for your garden make sure that they should be pollen and nectar-rich. Do you know the flowers that have strong scent affections, attract butterflies most of the time?

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