The Anatomy of a Great Backyard

There is no universally accepted standard defining a great backyard. You can opt for any feature or amenity that you desire. Where you live, the size of your backyard, the weather and many such specifics will influence your wishes and will perhaps limit your options in some ways. Considering the diverse factors that will come into play, here are a few elements that can be deemed as the quintessential anatomy of a great backyard.

  • You must have a dedicated seating area. It could be just four chairs or two, a bench or more. It could be an outdoor table with chairs around or a deck where you would sunbathe. It could be a pergola with all weather furniture. You may even make your own furniture if you like. The level of comfort can be determined but you cannot have a backyard without a dedicated space to sit.
  • You must have some open space allowing free motion. Leg room is very important in a backyard, even if it is very small. If you have a small backyard, you must have fewer amenities to avoid making it cramped. Always try to balance available or free space with fixtures you would install.
  • Strategize how you wish to illuminate your backyard. There are some lights necessary for security. You should think beyond just having a light for visibility. You should highlight different features of your backyard. You can opt for recessed lights, tiny bulbs or strips of light emitting diodes. The right use of artificial light will always make your backyard look grander than it actually is. Do not go for white lights and don’t be sure that yellow lights will be ideal. Think of the setting, the type of exteriors you have and the natural setting.
  • A backyard is essentially incomplete without a highlighting or standout feature. It could be a pool, it could be a barbecue island, it can be a fish pond, it can be a fireplace or it can be anything that you fancy. It doesn’t have to be expensive. It may be completely utilitarian or entirely aesthetic without any purpose. You have absolute freedom to choose but it must be something that will be perennially appealing. Do not opt for something that will lose its appeal in some time.
  • Finally, work on landscaping. You can have rocks, mulch, flowering plants, vegetables or a really nice fence. You don’t need an artistic landscape but you definitely need to deck up the immediate surroundings of your backyard.

The Anatomy of a Great Backyard - Golly Gee Gardening

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