7 Easy to Care for Plants for Outdoor Gardens

Outdoor gardens can be difficult or easy to keep, it all depends on the set up of your garden, the types of plants you have planted, the watering system and the amount of time dedicated to it.

The best is to choose plants that are low maintenance and that are suitable for an outdoor garden.


Lavenders are easy to plant and grow with their magnificent colors. They are capable of growing and persisting under a wide range of temperatures, light intensities and water abundance. Their scent is outstanding and they will provide lots of color as well as perfume for your house by placing a few stems in a jar.


Snapdragon has some similarities with Lavender, they both have wonderful colors and can grow nearly anywhere. They are tolerant to a wide range of temperatures and do not need consistent watering. Depending on the variety of snapdragons that you choose, you will have a palette of colors in your garden, easy and simple.


Cleome is seemingly a more delicate plant because of the shape of its flowers in a spider like form. However, these plants are resistant to different climates and will bloom from June until late winter. Your garden will have a great appearance and scent without a lot of time investment.


Caladium plants remind us of thick forests and tropical rainforests. They can climb to a wall or a fence easily without requiring much water or treatment. The real challenge with Caladium is to limit its overgrowing. Make sure to spear multiple times a year to tame it.

Perennials: Black-Eyed Susan

From mid-July till mid-September your garden will be filled with color and an innocent feeling. These magnificent yellow petals with the black centers are the perfect flowers to enjoy the summer, relax while reading a book and take in all the vitamins and minerals that you lack through winter.

Perennials: Maiden Grass

Maiden grass, as its name indicatesi is similar to grass. They are wonderful to place next to small ponds, lakes or to the corners of your garden. They do not provide color to the garden but will create a feeling of abundance in your garden.

Shrubs: Yaupon Holly

The Yaupon Holly is tolerant to droughts and is comfortable in wide variety of climates. During the winter, the red berries will appear, providing a Christmas feeling. Depending on the type of shape you want to give this shrub, you can have a real masterpiece in your own garden. Get creative!

7 Easy to Care for Plants for Outdoor Gardens - Golly Gee Gardening

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