5 Saws Everyone Needs to Maintain a Perfect Garden

Gardening is no easy task. There are a number of things that need to be done and a number of tools that have to be used in order to maintain what we think of as a perfect garden. Some of the most important aspects of gardening include the use of saws and not just anyone type of saw, at that.

A lot of people who are unfamiliar with gardening tools might be surprised at the use of, not one, but many types of saws. Let us tell you more about some of these saws. Here are five saws that we think everyone needs to manage a perfect garden.

1. Gas Pole Saws Are Your Savior For Cutting Tall Branches

What is a garden without trees, right? While it may be nice to have some trees in your gardening space, keeping these trees kempt can be quite a hassle, especially when it comes to tall branches that are just simply too far out of one’s reach. What is one supposed to do? Surely climbing the tree and cutting down a branch isn’t a very suitable option.

Well, don’t worry, because a gas pole saw can take care of this problem very well for you. These saws are exactly what the name implies them to be. They are saws attached to a pole, in order to allow you to reach higher up in the trees. So cutting down the taller branches of the trees will never be an issue for you.

What you see in the image is a high-end gas pole saw. It comes with a number of features that would allow you to use it with or without the pole, according to your needs. However, it can weigh a little too heavily on your pocket. There are a number of other such saws that perform just well enough and do not cost as much. It is up to you to choose what works best for you.

2. Step Things Up With a Chainsaw

A chainsaw? In the garden? Doesn’t seem like the most likely tool to be used. But it is! You would be surprised at how useful it can be to have a chainsaw around while gardening. From sawing chains around the shed to cutting down a tree that you feel doesn’t need to be around anymore; a chainsaw can be very useful.

One might think a chainsaw is too dangerous to have around the house. But it is actually more useful than it is dangerous. Imagine not having to pay extra for pruning all the trees around your house. It is a job that can be done very easily if you have a chainsaw in your garden shed. Just turn it on, and chop-chop — no need to ever pay extra for the trees again.

What you see in the image is one of the most commonly used middle-sized chainsaws. These are the go-to machines when it comes down to chopping trees. They provide the perfect power and energy consumption for the job and greatly reduce the manual effort that you have to put in to get the job done.

3. Manual Pole Saws Are a Greener Alternative to Gas Models

If you are someone that keeps a garden to help the world go greener, you won’t be keen on these power-operated saws because of how harmful they can be for the environment. But you still need to keep your garden in shape. So what do you do? You choose a manual pole saw. It is the best alternative to the gas pole saw, which runs on gas and is no good for going green.

As you can tell from the image, these saws look a lot like the gas pole saws, in that they have a pole attached to one end of a saw. The difference between the two is that one saw runs on gas, and the other works manually. So you might have to put in a little extra effort to cut that tree branch, but you’d be doing the environment a huge favor.

These types of saws can also be made at home very easily. Simply fixing a pole with a manual saw can do the job well. But it isn’t as simple as taping the saw to the pole since that would come off easily when you put in force to cut off the branch. You need to ensure that the two components are bound together tightly and will reliably function as one unit.

4. Folding Saws Are Perfect For Medium Sized Branches

Maybe a huge saw or one with a long pole isn’t always what you need. Gardening is not just about heavy jobs. Sometimes, there are tasks as simple as cutting off some normal, medium-sized branches. And for that purpose, you do not need a heavy saw. The ideal tool for this task is a folding saw.

As the image portrays, these types of saws are considerably smaller than the saws that we have previously discussed. They are a lot more compact and relatively safer to use. As the name implies, these saws can fold in on themselves, hiding away the saw-tooth edge, making them much safer to be carried around when not in use.

And when flipped open, they provide perfect functioning, allowing you to cut off medium or small branches with great ease. They might be small, but they’re still as sharp as any other saw. So if you think you would have to put in an extra effort with this saw, you are absolutely mistaken.

5. Need To Trim Your Shrubs? Curved Pruning Saws Are The Answer

Still feel the folding saw isn’t the one you need for the smaller tasks around your garden? We don’t blame you. You can’t expect one saw to be the best choice for every task. But if you’re looking for the right tool to trim your shrubs, the best option is this curved pruning saw. It will make trimming shrubs a super simple task that won’t take up too much time or effort.

What’s special about these saws is their curved design, which you can see in the image. This curvature is what allows your daily pruning jobs to be a lot easier. What’s more, is just like the folding saw and the manual pole saw, this saw is also completely environment-friendly. With this unit, you no longer have to fret over the damage you’re causing to the environment.

The handle of this saw usually comes with a special ergonomic design. This allows you to have a stronger and firmer grip on the saw. Such a design not only reduces the force you have to put in, but it also allows you to work with the saw a lot more safely, since there is a lesser chance of the saw slipping away.


Saws are one of the most essential and useful tools to have in your garden shed, and not just one, but all five of the above-mentioned types. Gardening requires a number of different tasks and having all these saws on hand will make any task easier.

If you want to manage your garden perfectly, you should have all five types of saws we have discussed. From heavy chainsaws to cut off entire trees to smaller curved pruning saws for simple pruning and trimming tasks, these are all essential equipment that you absolutely need to have at the ready.


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