5 Landscaping Trends for 2019

5 Landscaping Trends for 2019 - Golly Gee Gardening

According to the trends for landscaping, everything is about keeping it low maintenance, no hassles and no stress.  No one wants a messy garden that they have to be constantly working at taking care of, particularly the every growing population of young homeowners.

This generation isn’t as interested in just what the yard’s appearance is because they have children and animals running throughout.  They want it to be functional so they can enjoy it any time of day and night, but they want a more organic approach.

No one young or young at heart has the time with the amount of work they have to do away from home to put in to care for their landscapes.  Everyone is requesting less work for themselves in the designs or they hire professional help to do the work required.  Having others do the work is growing in popularity.  People are customizing their lawns so that the only thing they have to do is mow while the professionals come in to do the pruning plus the mulching and the overall gardening aspects.

In 2019, with the rising interest in technology there is something for everyone.  There are robotic lawn mowers and snow removal systems.  These are in early stages and still being tested out, but they are coming.  There’s also programmable irrigation and advanced electrical systems (an extension of the smart house).  We’re able to have lighting so the outside can be used as additional living space for our homes.

Here are 5 up and coming trends for landscaping in 2019:

  1. Pollinator gardens.  Folks are interested in getting wildlife back into their gardens and want to grow gardens that will encourage that, and that’s where pollinator gardens come in.  These are very popular knowing how the wildlife is in crisis with growing populations and habitats becoming so limited.
  2. Asymmetrical design.  People are really happy with the natural feel of this look.  They don’t have to worry about precision and keeping it looking just so.  It’s easier to care for, less formal, a more casual, looser design that everyone is leaning towards.
  3. Seclusion.  Everyone wants privacy using landscaping.  They want to build little ‘rooms’ that they can have areas to sit down and enjoy in their backyards.  Fire and water features are especially popular.  People who installed outdoor fireplaces or fire pits spent more time at home outside, upwards of over eighty per cent claimed to enjoy being home more having the fire features.
  4. Pergolas.  These are especially popular, again, it is like a small room within the yard. They are getting shades added to them for privacy, seating, water/fire features, lighting and some people are putting sound in.  These are absolutely an extension of the indoor space.
  5. Metal and pink.  Metal is being used a lot in outdoor spaces in 2019 for the industrial look.  Also, pink is going to be the go-to color of choice.  It is supposed to be marked as the new color denoted as neutral for the outdoors.

It seems like in 2019 we’ll be making out backyards part of our family rooms which is an awesome thing.  Finding new ways that we don’t have to do all of the work ourselves but yet still have nice landscaping is definitely a win-win. If you do choose to update your landscaping with one of these trends, it’s important to remember that when redesigning choose an experienced contractor to ensure it gets done right!

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