4 Great Homemade Natural Pest Control Recipes

Effectively controlling pests and insects in your garden is an almost full-time job, something that you are going to have to be hypervigilant about if you want your garden to really thrive.

At the same time, more and more people are learning about and fully understanding the risks and dangers that traditional pesticides and pest control products inevitably bring to the table.

Modern chemical-based pesticides have been linked to a whole host of human health issues, issues that can range from more mild symptoms like headaches and migraines to more serious issues like neurological disorders, endocrine disruption, and even cancer.

Thankfully though, with the help of the tips and tricks we highlight in this quick guide, you’ll be able to use four great homemade natural pest control solutions that work just as well as those chemical concoctions without any of the risk factors involved.

Benefits of Homemade Natural Pest Controls

Before we dive into our four favorite homemade natural pest control solutions it’s important to tackle just a couple of the big benefits these options offer.

Safe for Children and Pets

For starters, homemade natural options are always going to be much safer for children, for pets, and for other animals and wildlife that may venture into your garden. You don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals poisoning anyone with these natural approaches, that’s for sure.

Environmentally Friendly

Secondly, when you abandon modern pesticides cooked up in laboratories for natural approaches you are dramatically lowering your overall environmental footprint. You don’t have to worry about these toxins leaching into the soil, holding for years and years, and tainting the land forever.

Less Risk of Tainting Your Fruits and Veggies

The last thing you want to do is potentially poisoning your fruits and vegetables by spraying them with chemical concoctions quite literally designed to kill. With homemade natural options that fear disappears completely.

Our Favorite Homemade Natural Pest Control Solutions

Diatomaceous Earth

This product is made almost entirely from fossilized remains of aquatic animals that were rich in silica, helping to fight back against insects as well as a whole host of other garden pests without harming any of the critical microorganisms that live in your soil.

Sprinkle just a bit of this silica powder around your garden and you’ll be able to create a firewall against pests almost immediately.

Garlic Spray

Mixing up a batch of garlic spray on your own is simple and straightforward (five bulbs of garlic crushed up and mixed with 17 ounces of water, let it rest for 24 hours or so before you use it) but is also one of the most powerful homemade natural pest control products you find on the planet today.

If you want to really ramp it up a bit consider adding a bit of dish soap to the mixture and you’ll really be able to take its protective powers through the roof.

Citrus Insecticide

Citrus based insecticides made from lemon, orange, lime, and other citrus fruit that have been boiled in hot water for a couple of hours can help you fight back against common garden pests – especially aphids.

You’ll want to spray this insecticide directly on the insects you are hoping to get rid of for the best effect but it works wonders and keeps the rest of your garden safe from toxic chemicals.

White Oil Spray

Mixing up a batch of soap and a little bit of vegetable oil (equal parts) will turn this concoction white, and then you want to pour it into a spray bottle and gently mist the plants that you are hoping to protect.

This is one of the longer-lasting pest control options you’ll find in the homemade and all-natural space as well, giving you anywhere between five days and a week of protection before you have to respray the plants in your garden.

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