Revive Your Lawn With Slit Seeding or Aeration with Overseeding

If your lawn has started to get an unsightly patched or it is getting thin, in that case, your turf may need some refurbishing. The slice or slit seeding is a great way to make your lawn fresh again. Aeration is also a good choice to fix your worn-out turf.

But which of the following would you want to apply to your lawn? Let us first discuss the difference between slit seeding and aeration with overseeding to apply which method is the best one for you.

What is Slit Seeding And How It Can Help Your Lawn?

Slit seeding is a simple and uncomplicated method of reviving your lawn. Basically, you need a machine to achieve this and this machine is called a slice seeder. It has a set of hard steel blades that is capable of slicing the soil.

Generally, there are some pros and cons of slice seeding method. Let us start by discussing the advantages. Slice seeder works by slicing your lawn ground and then it drops the seeds from the newly created gaps.

If you compare it with overseeding alone, this method is far better and has a higher chance of germination rate since the seeds are well placed inside the soil making it professional on grass seed planting. This method is also easier to maintain and requires you a little cost. However, the seed splicer cannot automatically push the seeds into the cuttings.

Combining Aeration And Overseeding To Refresh Your Lawn

Over time, the lawn will start to be compressed due to heavy foot traffic and some bad weather conditions. This will prevent the grass of your lawn from thriving.

It also makes it hard for them to sip the nutrients and water from the soil making them weak and dull. If your grass is too weak, the weeds will start to beat your grass and it will start to take over your lawn.

To prevent this, aeration must be applied. This method simply creates holes around your lawn. This can help your grass to breath more air and absorb more water and nutrients. The result will make your grass stronger and a higher chance to resist even the drought and storm or any bad climate conditions.

The next method after applying aeration is the overseeding. In general, this machine spreads the seeds around your lawn and will fall into the holes. This can promote a higher germination rate of the seeds.

However, some individuals don’t like aeration because applying it will create an unsightly brown thatch. But this is temporary and will go in time.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an answer on which method is suitable for your lawn, an expert must be the one who can answer it. First, they need to see and check your backyard because every lawn is different and has the right method for applying the best one for you. If you want to know more about the following topic, you can leave your comment below.

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