How to Protect Your Trees from Dangerous Bugs


Ladybugs – these are one of the bugs you WANT in your garden!

There are more than three dozen really harmful insects or bugs that you must protect your garden from. These bugs can be broadly classified as chewing insects, boring insects and sucking insects.

To give you an idea, here are the most dangerous bugs for your garden: American Oil Beetle, Aphids, Asian Multicolored Lady Beetle, Assassin Bug, Bald-Faced Hornet, Bed Bug, Black Carpenter Ant, Black Vine Weevil, Black Widow Spider, Black-Legged Tick, Blister Beetle, Boll Weevil, Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, Buffalo Treehopper, Carolina Locust, Cottonwood Borer Long-Horned Beetle, Cow Killer, Differential Grasshopper, Dogbane Leaf Beetle, Emerald Ash Borer Beetle, Giant Whipscorpion, Gray Hairstreak Butterfly, Kudzu Bug, Megetra Cancellata Blister Beetle, Mutillid Wasp, Red Pavement Ant, Red Velvet Ant, Red-Legged Grasshopper, Rose Chafer Beetle, Spotted Cucumber Beetle, Spotted Tree Borer Beetle, Spur-Throated Grasshopper, Three-Lined Potato Beetle, Tick, Tobacco Hornworm Moth, Western Conifer Seed Bug and White Oak Borer Beetle.

All these insects or bugs damage trees in different ways. Some will bore into the plants, some will chew the leaves and flowers, some will suck out the sap, some will lay eggs and the larvae will feed on the plants and there can be an array of damages caused on almost all plants. These insects don’t target every flower, fruit, weed or vegetable. Each bug has its preference. Just as the bugs are different, their targets vary and how they cause damage can be distinctly dissimilar, the treatments are also quite varied. One single solution will not protect your entire garden from all bugs.

Get a professional to inspect the bugs and the damages they are causing. You may want to get a proactive inspection to study the vulnerability of a garden given its location and the type of produce you are growing. The professional will recommend a host of measures that you can use to prevent any kind of damage.

Many bugs can be physically prevented with special types of fencing and screens. Some bugs are eaten by other bugs which you can introduce or plant trees to invite the latter. There are organic insecticides that you can resort to. Pesticides and other harmful chemicals should be the last option. There are many seasonal and annual kits available from various companies which will proactively protect the trees and all plants in your garden. It is much like the vaccines that protect us from viral diseases. Do not wait for your garden to be infested with insects. Take proactive measures.

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