8 Great Tips For Dog-proofing Your Garden

Your garden is one part of your home where your dog can really make it their own place.  While it can be satisfying to watch your dog, whether it is a cockapoo (read more about cockapoos here), Labrador or other breed, in their element in the great outdoors of your garden; it is less than thrilling when you find your flower beds and patches have been dug up yet again.

As well as causing damage to your garden, they can also injure themselves, as there are lots of dangers there such as poisonous plants and other nasty surprises.

However, it is not all bad news, if you dog-proof your garden you can make it an interesting, physically stimulating and safe place for your four-legged friends.

Plant Herbs

Sage, rosemary and other pungent herbs are great for keeping dogs out of your precious garden beds because of their distinctive scents.

Beware Of Poisonous Plants

There are some plants in your garden that could be dangerous or poisonous to your dog, that you may not have even realised.  Therefore, if you want to ensure that your dog is safe sniffing around the garden, research the kind of plants that are growing in it and check they are not toxic to your canine buddy.

Keep Bricks Buried In Soil

Any bare spots in your garden look will look like the perfect place to dig holes to your dog.  To stop your pet from digging where he or she shouldn’t, bury bricks at 5 cm into the soil.  If and when your dog eventually digs down to the brick and hits it, they will be less likely to dig in that spot again.

Remove Rusty Metal

There are various items that you may have in your garden that could be dangerous to your pet, such as rusty and old playground toys and accessories, garden tools or pieces of corrugated iron.  Clear all of this rusty metal out of your garden, or store it somewhere out of reach from your dog, as it could easily cause your pet an injury that could become infected.

Invest In Pee-Post

Pee-posts are plastic sticks that smell like other dogs and are found in most pet stores.  Your own four-legged friend will be attracted to the area you place one and they will refer want to urinate there instead of the veggie patch or flowerbeds they have been using.

Avoid Using Rodent Poisons

It may be common sense, but is worth noting that poison designed to kill rats, mice and other rodents are also dangerous for other pets, including dogs.  Reconsider using these, if you have done in the past, therefore and think about using non-poisonous, more humane pest control.

Build A Sandpit

You should consider designing and building a sandpit for your dog to play in.  You could make a space for just them and fill it with soil or sand and bury some of the toys they love the most.  Once they find this area, they will be less likely to mess around in other parts of your garden.

Think Before Fertilising

While bone and blood will be great for your garden, your dog will get sick from ingesting too much.  As many fertilizers contain harmful quantities of fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and iron so it is always worth thinking carefully before you use them.

8 Great Tips For Dog-proofing Your Garden - Golly Gee Gardening

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