3 of the Best Plants to Keep in Your Office

The office can often be a dull place to spend time in. On top of that, there’s not much one can do to spruce up the place without appearing too territorial to colleagues. The irony is that most people spend more than 8 hours a day in one typing away at the computer. And that’s without counting all the overtime that you have been putting in recently. Maybe some companionship can help you feel more positivity at work.

Plants have a magical ability to calm us down and bring that little bit or tranquility (or whatever is left of it) to an office that is devoid of it. The problems is that plants are living things. And they require care and love to grow healthily. Something that most people just cannot afford to commit to. But there are a few plants that can add that tinge of green into the workplace and require minimum care.

1) English Ivy

The English Ivy does extraordinarily well with little light and water. They look simple yet classy in a small pot at the corner of a work desk. And while they grow upwards on their own without drooping, it’s one of those plants with stems soft enough to manipulate. This means that you would be able to shape it’s growth to whatever form you desire. Even a mini English Ivy would produce enough leaves to look like it’s thriving from the extra hours you put in at work.


2) Cactus

The cactus is one of the all time favorites of indoor plants as they look cute and fat. They come in all types of shapes and sizes and are actually pretty affordable. A mini cactus can even be small enough to keep in the drawer. So famous is it’s ability to flourish with minimum care that you’d probably have to make a special effort to end it’s life. And that’s saying a lot when you consider the various types of plants that can wilt in as little as 2 days without water. Cacti require minimal watering and sunlight. Making them the perfect set and forget plant for the office. However some people might not like them as the feng shui reputation of cactus¬†might not be as good as you’d like.


3) Lemon balm

With such a name, the lemon balm predictably comes with a citrus aroma attached. This can give a depressing office a touch of freshness that you might not even get at home. The amount of foliage they grow can give your desk a luscious look and can even hides the report you are dreading to read from view. But while they need minimum sunlight to grow, they require a little more watering compared to the cactus. So it’s best place might be pantry where it can spread it’s citrus aroma around and be close to a water source where it can be conveniently fed.



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