10 Ways to Revamp Your Garden

When done right, you can extend the cozy feel of your home into the garden. Unfortunately, busy schedules leave us tired and out of psyche to tend to the gardens. The following tips will help to revamp your garden in a short period.

Plant Flowers

Flowers ultimately change the appearance of your garden, and it is a fun activity to do with your children, family, and friends. Consider the length of time sunlight available, the orientation of your garden and set to work planting a garden of color.

Prune Trees and Shrubs

With time, shrubs and trees become overgrown and are an eyesore in your garden. Pruning your trees and shrubs leaves your garden looking tidy and clean. Pruning is an inexpensive way to revamp bushy gardens.


The edge of your garden can be the center attraction in your garden. Cladding your fence is not only Eco-friendly; it is a low maintenance way to revamp your garden.

Potted Plants

Revamp your garden with potted plants, the bigger the pots, the better. Potted plants bring an aesthetic beauty to the garden and reduce the human effort required to help them grow.

String lights

Outdoor lighting revamps the garden by lighting up the patio, pathways or overhead lights for an intimate feel. This is an inexpensive way to spruce up your garden.

Install a Fountain

Running water gives your garden soothing sounds while bringing mesmerizing movements. Achieve the tranquility of running water by incorporating a fountain in your garden.

Stepping Stones

Paved pathways give your garden a Victorian-era feel. An inexpensive way to have the perfect stepping-stones is to create designs on plain stones and spray on a design in your favorite color.

Grass Rug

You may have to contend with concrete yards and patios. A green grass rug is a good way to give your garden a revamp with the look and feel of real grass.

Add Bird and Butterfly Feeders

To give your gardens a transformation, install feeders. They can be of different sizes and made from various materials. The birds and butterflies will liven up your garden.

Herbs and Vegetable Beds

Eating from your garden is the perfect way to reap from your efforts in the garden. Plant herbs, fruit trees, and other items you can eat directly from the garden or use for cooking in easy to manage beds.

Finally, revamping your garden can be a fun affair and not necessarily cost an arm and a leg. Surfing the internet will give you loads of ideas to revamp your garden for different seasons of the year.

10 Ways to Revamp Your Garden - Golly Gee Gardening

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